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Vol. 54 (2013) No. 634 p. 978-983




A TiCN-based cermet die was applied to the ironing of stainless steel and aluminum alloy drawn cups to improve the ironing limit. In the TiCN-based cermet die, an additional surface coating is not required because of making of hard TiCN having a low friction without WC and Co. For comparison, TiC-coated WC-Co, non-coated WC-Co and tool steel dies were employed for the ironing. For all the stainless steel and aluminum alloy drawn cups, the cermet die exhibited the largest seizure resistance for single ironing due to the low friction. For the continuous ironing of the SUS430 and A3003 cups using the cermet die, the seizure was prevented up to 100 and 50 times, respectively. The height of the ironed stainless steel drawn cups for the WC-Co die was the largest due to reduction in the extent of elastic deformation of the die at the highest Young's modulus. It was found that a cermet die with a low friction is effective in ironing stainless steel and aluminum alloy drawn cups.

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