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Sociodemographic Characteristics of Potential External Coaches for School-based Extracurricular Sports Activities
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2014 Volume 24 Issue 2 Pages 2_185-2_193


    School-based extracurricular sports activity (SBECSA) is a beneficial activity for positive youth development. However, there are some problems regarding the management of SBECSA, such as the lack of SBECSA teachers who can coach expertly and the great burden for SBECSA teachers. Although the number of external coaches has not been sufficient, recruiting external coaches into SBECSA has been focused on to help resolve these issues. For further effective recruitment of external coaches, approaching the community residents who have motivation to be external coaches is important. Nevertheless, the sociodemographics associated with the motivation still have not been explored. Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to clarify the sociodemographics of community residents who have motivation to become involved in SBECSA as external coaches (potential external coaches) . An Internet-based cross-sectional survey was conducted by a social survey company with 19506 registrants aged 20-69 years. Stratified random sampling was continued till 100 potential external coaches were collected for both genders and every age group. Coaching motivation as an external coach and six sociodemographics (gender, age, occupational status, marital status, teaching credential, and coaching credential) were obtained. As a statistical analysis, logistic regression analysis was performed. Overall, 19239 participants were included in the analysis and 5.9% of them had coaching motivation. Potential external coaches were significantly less likely to be females (OR = 0.42) , people in their 30s (OR = 0.63) , 40s (OR = 0.40) , 50s (OR = 0.30) , 60s (OR = 0.24) than males and people in their 20s. In addition, workers (OR = 1.49) , students (OR = 1.52) , married people (OR = 1.32) , those who have teaching credentials (OR = 1.60) and coaching credentials (OR = 8.13) were more likely to be external coaches. In conclusion, the present study clarified the sociodemographics of potential external coaches. It is suggested in recruiting external coaches into SBECSA, providing promotion strategies which take these sociodemographic factors into account would be effective.

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