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Behavior of Carbonates in the Concentrating Process of Sea Water
Studies on the Scale Prevention in Concentrating Process of Sea Water (Part 1)
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1972 Volume 25 Issue 6 Pages 378-387


For the purpose of examining the behavior of carbonates in the concentrating process of sea water, the author carried out experiment on the natural evaporation and the boiling-point evaporation of sea water at atmosphere. Also, he analyzed various samples of brine and scale taken from the flowing-down system salt-field, the salt making evaporator, and the flash-evaporator for desalination. The results obtained were as follows:
1. The whole content of carbon dioxide in brine during the concentration of sea water by natural evaporation was the largest in the brine density of 1.06-1.18, and the content of its CO2was 80-85mg/1 brine.
2. The deposition ratio of carbonate in the concentrating process of sea water was 27-90% for the natural evaporation, and 49-99% for the boiling-point evaporaion at atmosphere.
3. As the result of examination of the saturation index of brines, the acid injection method proved to be the most effective one for prevention of alkaline scale than the additive treatment and seeding method.
4. The constituent of scale deposited in the flash evaporator for desalination was determined bychemical analysis, DTA, TGA, and X-ray diffractionmetry.

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