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Case Report
Case Report of Difficult Dental Prosthesis Insertion Due to Severe Gag Reflex
Hiromi Hotta
ジャーナル フリー

2012 年 53 巻 3 号 p. 133-139


Susceptibility to the gag reflex may render insertion of removable dentures very difficult. The use of intravenous sedation in such cases allows for the fabrication of dentures with decreased discomfort to the patient. When the completed dentures are inserted, however, discomfort may still occur as the effects of the gag reflex will again be felt. We report a case of an edentulous maxillary patient who was unable to insert his dentures due to the gag reflex. A denture with a smaller than usual plate area was created so as to prevent anxiety occurring during insertion with subsequent triggering of the gag reflex. The dentures reached as far as the premolars. At first, long-term wear was difficult due to gagging at immediately after insertion. Full-time wear became possible, however, after approximately one and a half months. Hereafter, masticatory function will be enhanced through extension of the denture base and addition of artificial teeth in stages.

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