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Effect of Parallel Granulation with Inclined Mixing of Limestone on Melt and Assimilation Behavior
Koji Osuga Takero AdachiShintaro YamazakiKazuya Miyagawa
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2023 Volume 109 Issue 5 Pages 355-364


Sinter plant is becoming ‘‘a waste eater’’ that actively recycle the raw materials generated in the steelworks. Especially, the recycling demand of slags in steelmaking processes has been increasing. These slags, which contains substances with a high melting point, is well known to reduces the fluidity of the melt. We recognized that mixture of two types of granulates, a donor of melt (High CaO/Fe2O3) and a receptor of melt (Low CaO/Fe2O3), formed a homogeneous sinter cake when using parallel granulation process. By adjusting the adhesive layer components of two types of granulates, the melt from donor moves to receptor and assimilation can be promoted. So, we have developed the granulation method with inclined mixing of limestone that has improved both productivity and sinter strength even when using steelmaking slag. The promotion of melt assimilation state has been proved by using SEM with mineral phase analysis function and X-ray CT.

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