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Influence of Film Adhesion on PET-hair of Laminated Steel in the Forming Process of DI Can
Masahiro KaiShinichi TayaHidekazu Tomaru
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2013 Volume 99 Issue 8 Pages 503-508


Application of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film laminated steel to DI process was expected to be beneficial but had a problem (hereinafter referred to as PET-hair) of film shaving or breaking at formed can edge due to no flange making in process. We indicated in our previous study some findings related to the influences of material properties on the PET-hair. In this study, we investigated influences of PET film adhesion to substrate as a possible factor on the generation of PET-hair, through evaluating the PET-hair on DI forming with different PET laminated steels, where 4 kinds of plating as surface treatment on steel were used, and have reached the following conclusions. The steel substrates with tin nickel alloy plating, which indicate strong adhesion to PET film, tend to get the PET-hair generation reduced more than the substrates with the other plating materials. Reviewing the obtained data from the point of PET film adhesion, we found also reduction of the PET-hair generation in the case of over 15N in 180 degree peel strength of the laminated materials. We presume that stronger film adhesion makes smaller deformation of PET film at the interface, leading to reduction of the PET-hair generation.

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