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Deoxidation of Liquid Nickel and Nickel-Iron Alloy with Silicon
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1989 Volume 75 Issue 12 Pages 2188-2193


The deoxidation of liquid nickle with silicon was studied at the temperature ranging from 1 500° to 1 650°C using silica crucible in order to investigate the deoxidation of nickel based alloys.
The effect of temperature on the equilibrium constant of the deoxidation reaction was found to be :
log KSi(Ni)=-15 680/ T +1.83 1 5001 650°C
while the deoxidation product of nickle, log K'Si(Ni) (= [ % Si] [%O]2), was expressed as follows :
log K'Si(Ni)= log KSi(Ni)-0.06 [% Si]Si<2%, 1 5001 650°C
The deoxidation of nickle-iron binary with silicon was measured over the all range of the binary system including pure iron at temperatures of 1 600°C and 1 650°C. On the nickle basis, the deoxidation product of nickle-iron alloy, log K' Si(Ni-Fe), which increased by the addition of iron, was empirically represented to be :
log K' Si(Ni-Fe)=. log K'Si(Ni) -(288/ T-0.197)[%Fe] Fe<20 %, 0.5% Si, 1 600-1 650°C
The temperature dependence of the equilibrium constant for the deoxidation of iron, log Ksi(Fe), was given by the expression :
log KSi(Fe)=-30 960/ T + 11.86 15501650°C
On the iron basis, the value of log K' Si(Fe-Ni) which decreased with increasing nickle content, was calculated as :
log K' Si(Fe-Ni)= log K Si(Fe)-0.01 [ % Ni] Ni<60%, 0.5%Si, 1 6001 650°C

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