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A Consideration on Applying a Covering Problem in Network Theory to Information Floating
Atsushi KashiwabaraShun MatsumotoHiroshi TamuraKeisuke NakanoMasakazu Sengoku
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2017 Volume 9 Issue 4 Pages 73-78


  Epidemic routing can deliver messages in the case where there is never a connected path from source to destination. By using Epidemic routing repeatedly, the technique called Information Floating can maintain information in specific area. Information Floating is more effective when there are many mobile nodes. We consider effect of public space on information floating. A public space is a social space and mobile nodes are easy to gather in the space. If we can identify a place that is not a public space but where information tends to stay, it will maintain more information. We introduce to use a covering problem to identify this place. A covering problem is one of location problems that find the best place on road networks, communication networks, etc. In this paper, we identify where to put the fixed stations with information by applying a covering problem, and we show its effectiveness in computer simulation.

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