Vacuum and Surface Science
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Special Feature : Surface Science and Vacuum Science Related to Laser Cooling Methods and Optical Lattice Clocks
Ultracold Chemical Reaction in a Laser-cooled Atom-ion Mixture
Ryoichi SAITOShinsuke HAZETakashi MUKAIYAMA
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2020 Volume 63 Issue 10 Pages 524-529


The atom-ion hybrid system provides us with new platform to study ultracold collisions and chemical reactions, which play important role in quantum simulations, quantum information processing utilizing atom-ion interactions. To investigate chemical reactions in an ultracold regime, we start with neutral atoms trapped in an optical dipole trap and ions in a linear Paul trap, and combine them together to construct a hybrid system. Here we introduce our recent work on ultracold elastic/inelastic collisions at a single atom level with a state-by-state manner in our atom-ion hybrid system. From the quantitative discussion on the collision cross sections, the microscopic collisional mechanisms have been clarified.

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