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High Level Estradiol Induces EBV Reactivation and EBV gp350/220(+)CD138(+) Double-positive B Cell Population in Graves’ Disease Patients and Healthy Controls
Sayuri HaraKeiko NagataYuji NakayamaKatsumi HigakiMichiko MatsushitaSatoshi KuwamotoMasako KatoKazuhiko Hayashi
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2019 Volume 62 Issue 2 Pages 240-243


Graves’ disease occurs predominantly in women. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) mainly persists in human B lymphocytes, and its reactivation stimulates antibody production. We previously suggested that the EBV reactivation-induced production of TRAb and IgM at 100 nM estradiol (pregnant level) was lower than that at 0 nM estradiol and that class switch recombination may be increased by estradiol. In this study, we examined the effect of estradiol on EBV reactivation. We identified the expression of EBV-glycoprotein 350/220 (gp350/220) in the late phase of reactivation and plasma cell differentiation of EBV-infected cells using 72A1 antibody and CD138 antibody, respectively. We found the mean ratio of gp 350/220(+) CD138(+) cells at 100 nM estradiol was higher than that at 0 nM estradiol. These results suggested that EBV-infected cells could survive with keeping the ability of antibody production in 100 nM estradiol, which is consistent with the improvement of Graves’ disease during maternity and exacerbation postpartum.

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