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Influence of Selected Biomarkers on Stress and Alexithymia in Patients Under Hemodialysis Treatment
Esra TayazAyşegül Koç
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2019 Volume 62 Issue 4 Pages 285-292


Background Hemodialysis treatment and the high stress brought about by the treatment are the circumstances which set the background for alexithymia. Alexithymic feelings basically emerge as restriction in the world of emotion and thought, and the inability to recognize physiological changes. Biomarkers that are indicators of physical change are influential in the stress lives of individuals. This research was carried out to discover the relationships between, and to determine the influence of urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, hemoglobin, hematocrit, albumin, calcium, phosphorus and C-reactive protein biomarkers on stress and alexithymia in individuals, who are diagnosed with chronic renal failure and receive hemodialysis treatment.

Methods The research environment was formed of patients who underwent hemodialysis treatment in a hospital in Turkey. The subject group was comprised of 72 individuals. Demographic data form, biomarker list form, Hemodialysis Stressor Scale and Toronto Alexithymia Scale were used in the research.

Results It was found that the levels of perceived stress of individuals who participated in the research were high at all dimensions, and 59.7% were alexithymic. The means of the total scale scores of all patients were calculated as 87.81 ± 13.59 for Hemodialysis Stressor Scale and 62.46 ± 9.84 for Toronto Alexithymia Scale. The relationship between the Toronto Alexithymia Scale and Hemodialysis Stressor Scale and selected biomarkers were determined (P < 0.05).

Conclusion It was concluded that stress and alexithymic feelings were high in patients who received hemodialysis treatment, and that there is a relationship between C-reactive protein, creatinine, sodium, hemoglobin, hematocrit, potassium from the biomarkers and the scales and scale sub-dimensions. It is necessary to increase the awareness of nurses on the importance of the skills to communicate with individuals who have to cope with stress, manage emotions, and have high stress and emotional deprivation.

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