Advanced Education Outreach lab Annual Report
The Advanced Education Outreach Lab (AEO) was established in April 2021 at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), University of Tokyo, as a one-stop function primarily to support the development of the next generation up to high school students. In May 2024, it was designated as an "Interdisciplinary Collaboration Lab" within RCAST.

From the perspectives of inquiry based learning and STEAM education, AEO connects university resources with local governments and schools. With the cooperation of various academic fields, AEO offers unique, interdisciplinary educational programs that integrate the arts and sciences, in collaboration with educational settings. Through diverse practices, AEO aims to develop a mutually beneficial, sustainable, and progressive model of inquiry based learning and STEAM education.

The AEO Annual Report is published once a year as the official journal of AEO, featuring the activities of AEO for the corresponding year.
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