Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)
The Architectural Institute of Japan’s Journal of Environmental Engineering aim to pursue theories for building and maintaining pieces of architecture as well as the cities or areas surrounding them, and to accumulate and systematize the knowledge needed to put those theories into practice. The Journal of Environmental Engineering focuses on research results in multidisciplinary research areas such as “environmental engineering,” “fire safety,” “marine architecture,” “information systems technology,” “architectural education,” “disaster,” and “global environment.” Accordingly, it compiles articles in the following areas, disseminates relevant information, and hosts discussions:

・Thermal environment
・Air quality and air distribution
・Visual and light environment
・Acoustics and sound environment
・Environmental vibration and electromagnetic environment
・Environmental psychology and physiology
・Energy consumption and carbon emission
・Architectural environmental design and building facilities
・Urban environment and infrastructure
・Multidisciplinary research areas including fire safety, disaster mitigation, information system technology, marine architecture, education, global environmental problems

This journal shares research articles by members of the (general incorporated association) Architectural Institute of Japan, with a reading audience both in Japan and abroad.

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Online ISSN : 1881-817X
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