Asian Journal of Journalism and Media Studies
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Asian Journal of Journalism and Media Studies (AJJMS) is a scholarly and multidisciplinary online-based journal devoted to the study of journalism and media studies, published by The Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication (JSSJMC).

AJJMS’s scope includes but is not limited to traditional topics such as journalism, mass communication, telecommunications, cultural industries, policies/governing of industries and media in general.

The journal strives to be a unique intellectual space offering original research/methodologies and theoretical frameworks for new journalism and media studies from Asia. The primary focus of the journal is Asia and Japan. Nevertheless, the journal also aims to provide a forum for international perspectives on the fields, with attention to historical, philosophical, cultural, social, political and economic dimensions, and analysis of print as well as electronic media plus new media technology.

Through this platform, JSSJMC would like to foster further development of humanities and social sciences by engaging with issues and debates in journalism and mass communication. Its editorial board and contributors reflect a commitment to the facilitation of international dialogue among researchers beyond Asia, through attention to local, national and global contexts for a critical and empirical media inquiry.

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