Bulletin of Glaciological Research
Bulletin of Glaciological Research (BGR), published by the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice (JSSI), is an international, multi- and interdisciplinary scientific journal dedicated to the publication of research articles and reports on all aspects of snow and ice, which has been distributed in 30 countries worldwide since 1973. In 2010, JSSI decided to change over from a print journal to an open-access online journal to broaden the international distribution and ensure the prompt delivery of scientific and technical information. Papers that pass the peer-review process are immediately published on the BGR website and then listed on the J-STAGE site. Since 2018, BGR is included in the Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI), so that papers can now be searched in the Web of Science.

Subjects covered by BGR are:
■Blowing/drifting snow
■Climate related to snow and ice
■Cosmoglaciology (planetary glaciology)
■Crystals of snow and ice
■Frozen ground
■Ice/snow accretion
■Ice core analysis
■Ice sheet dynamics
■Meteorology/hydrology related to snow and ice
■Physics and chemistry of snow and ice
■Sea ice
■Snow cover
■Snow and ice engineering
■Snow and ice hazards

Editorial Policy of BGR
We intend to publish three types of papers;
1. Articles, containing original scientific materials and results, not submitted for publication elsewhere,
2. Reports, containing preliminary results, and reports on activities of general interest,
3. Reviews, containing an overview of previous work, or a future outlook of a specific category.
Each of them will be peer-reviewed.

More information : https://www.seppyo.org/en/publications/bgr/

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