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The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology Vol. 62(2016) No. 2

Full Papers


Samir A. Mahgoub, Ali O. Osman, Mahmoud Z. Sitohy

Released: April 27, 2016


Tatsaporn Todhanakasem, Rashmi Tiwari, Pornthap Thanonkeo

Released: April 27, 2016


Akio Watanabe, Chiaki Kaneko, Yasuhiro Hamada, Kouji Takeda, Shinya Kimata, Takashi Matsumoto, Akira Abe, Naoto Tanaka, Sanae Okada, Masataka Uchino, Junichi Satoh, Junichi Nakagawa, Youichi Niimura

Released: April 27, 2016


Chen-Yan Zhou, Tong-Biao Li, Yong-Tao Wang, Xin-Shu Zhu, Jing Kang

Released: April 27, 2016


Ravi Kant Bhatia, Shashi Kant Bhatia, Praveen Kumar Mehta, Tek Chand Bhalla

Released: April 27, 2016


Hotaka Atarashi, Shinji Kawasaki, Yoichi Niimura, Naoto Tanaka, Sanae Okada, Yuh Shiwa, Akihito Endo, Junichi Nakagawa

Released: April 27, 2016


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