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  • Haoqiu Ye, Akiko Rakugi, Toshio Sugiman
    2018 Volume 35 Pages 3-83
    Published: December 28, 2018
    Released: February 14, 2018

       This paper focused on a new attempt carried out in Chizu town, Tottori Prefecture, Japan in which resident participation has been intensively introduced not only in policy-making but policy-implementation. The attempt was started since 2008 by the strong initiative of a new town mayor, which is called ‘One-hundred Resident Committee.’ It is characterized as following;<br>(1) Any resident aged 18 or more or people working in Chizu town can apply to membership of the committee.<br> (2) Various sub-committees that cover most sections of the town office are established. <br>(3) It is promised that as many policies as possible developed by the Committee should be respected in budget. <br>(4) Members of the Committee should collaborate with administrative staffs to implement the policy they developed. <br>   This paper reported how the Committee was established and how it worked for seven years. Both the importance and the problems of the Committee are discussed.

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