Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals
JILM publishes a monthly periodical, KEIKINZOKU, the Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals (in Japanese). This monthly journal has more than 70 original technical papers and a special issue on current techniques of light metals. JILM collaborates with the Japan Institute of Metals to publish Materials Transactions, the specialist periodical in English.
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Online ISSN : 1880-8018
Print ISSN : 0451-5994
Featured article
Volume 66 (2016) Issue 11 Pages 609-616
Effects of Scandium and Zirconium addition on recrystallization behavior of Al–Mg–Si alloy Read more
Volume 67 (2017) Issue 6 Pages 228-233
Low-temperature creep mechanism in ultrafine-grained aluminum Read more
Volume 67 (2017) Issue 4 Pages 95-100
Initial process of continuous dynamic recrystallization in a superplastic Al–Mg–Mn alloy Read more
Volume 67 (2017) Issue 6 Pages 214-221
Prediction and experimental validation of cooling rate dependence of viscoplastic properties in a partially solidified state of Al–5mass%Mg alloy Read more
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