Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals
KEIKINZOKU is a Japanese monthly journal published by The Japan Institute of Light Metals, JILM. Since 1951, this journal has original regular articles, reviews and technical reports, etc on current technology of light metals.

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Volume 68 (2018) Issue 3 Pages 133-140
Relationship between cluster formation and two-step aging behavior in Al–Mg–Si alloys with different Mg/Si ratio and natural aging period Read more
Volume 67 (2017) Issue 7 Pages 277-283
Microstructural evolution and enhancement of mechanical properties by multi-directional forging and aging of 6000 series aluminum alloy Read more
Volume 68 (2018) Issue 2 Pages 65-72
Development of high-strength bolt material of Al–Mg–Si alloy by ECAP and various aging treatments Read more
Volume 68 (2018) Issue 5 Pages 250-256
Effect of specimen size and shape on strength and deformation of high-purity aluminum single-crystal micropillars Read more
Volume 68 (2018) Issue 1 Pages 16-21
Corrosion-induced morphological changes and the mechanism of A3003 aluminum alloy in model sea water containing gluconates and zinc ions Read more
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