Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals
KEIKINZOKU is a Japanese monthly journal published by The Japan Institute of Light Metals, JILM. Since 1951, this journal has original regular articles, reviews and technical reports, etc on current technology of light metals.

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Online ISSN : 1880-8018
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ISSN-L : 0451-5994
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Volume 69 (2019) Issue 8 Pages 387-392
Deformation-texture evolution in deep drawing of cold-rolled 3104 aluminum alloy sheet Read more
Volume 69 (2019) Issue 9 Pages 457-464
Effect of a small amount of Fe-addition on intergranular fracture of Al–7.3 mass%Mg alloys Read more
Volume 70 (2020) Issue 6 Pages 217-224
High precision material modeling of 5000-series aluminum alloy sheet for enhancing the predictive accuracy of hole expansion simulation Read more
Volume 69 (2019) Issue 7 Pages 332-338
Influence of grain size on tensile properties of magnesium alloys Read more
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