Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals
KEIKINZOKU is a Japanese monthly journal published by The Japan Institute of Light Metals, JILM. Since 1951, this journal has original regular articles, reviews and technical reports, etc on current technology of light metals.

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Online ISSN : 1880-8018
Print ISSN : 0451-5994
ISSN-L : 0451-5994
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Volume 70 (2020) Issue 7 Pages 274-280
Measurement of dislocation density change during tensile deformation in coarse-grained aluminum by In-situ XRD technique with tester oscillation Read more
Volume 70 (2020) Issue 8 Pages 339-346
Quantitative analysis of solidification of equiaxed grains in Al-Cu alloy refined by inoculant TiB2 particles with using time-resolved X-ray tomography Read more
Volume 71 (2021) Issue 1 Pages 22-29
Evaluation of wave-like nucleation events in Al-4%Si alloys with addition of TiB2 particles by time-resolved and in-situ observation Read more
Volume 71 (2021) Issue 3 Pages 144-151
Soft X-ray XAFS analysis of cluster formation behavior during natural aging on an Al-Mg-Si alloy Read more
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