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Volume 58 (2016) Issue 2 Pages 51-59
Cesium, rubidium and potassium content in the needles and wood of Japanese cedar trees harvested from the sites of different radiocesium deposition levels Read more
Volume 57 (2015) Issue 1 Pages 19-31
A few years alteration of soil physical and chemical properties in the volcanic ejecta and buried soil by the 2011 eruption of Mt. Shinmoe Read more
Volume 56 (2014) Issue 1 Pages 37-48
Soil conditions in seawater-inundated coastal forests damaged by the 2011 mega-tsunami following the Tohoku earthquake along the eastern Pacific coast of Japan Read more
Volume 55 (2013) Issue 1 Pages 1-8
Evidence of forest fires in the Meiji era in the mountainous region of Nikko on the basis of charcoal particle analysis Read more
Volume 54 (2012) Issue 1 Pages 7-17
Patch mosaic distribution of overstory vegetation in a riparian buffer strip along a meandering V-shaped valley of Oyabu creek, central Kyushu, southwestern Japan Read more
Volume 53 (2011) Issue 1 Pages 17-22
Nitrogen supply from decomposing green needle after non-commercial thinning at a sugi(Cryptomeria japonica)stand Read more
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