Journal of the Japanese Forest Society
Aims and Scope
The Journal of the Japanese Forest Society has been published in Japanese by the Japanese Forest Society since 1919. The journal publishes original research papers, reviews, short communications, and information covering all aspects of research and practice about forests and forestry. Membership in the society is a prerequisite for publication in the journal.

About Journal of the Japanese Forest Society
The journal is published bimonthly. The embargo period of on-line journal is 2 months.
The journal publishes peer-reviewed contents by Editorial Manager.
Original articles, reviews, and short communications of the journal have English-language bibliographic information, including titles, abstracts, and keywords.

The Field of Research
Forest policy and social sciences, Forest management, Forest machinery, Forest roads, Forest operations and technique, Landscape planning and design, Forest hydrology, Erosion control, Meteology and hazards, Forest soil science, Site evaluation and classification, Nutrient cycling, Siliviculture, Vegetation dynamics, Production processes, Tree Physiology and ecophysiology, Breeding and Biotechnology, Entomology, Wildlife, Plant pathology...Moreover, the journal publishes one or two special issues per year that focus forests and forestry in Japan.
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687 registered articles
(updated on March 18, 2019)
Online ISSN : 1882-398X
Print ISSN : 1349-8509
Award papers for the past 5 years
Volume 95 (2013) Issue 3 Pages 173-181
Genetic Diversity and Genetic Characteristics of Cryptomeria japonica in the Togakushi Okusha Shrine Forest Read more
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Award paper 2014

Volume 93 (2011) Issue 5 Pages 220-225
Common Allometric Relationships for Estimating Tree Biomasses in Cool Temperate Forests of Japan Read more
Editor’s picks

Award paper 2013

Volume 95 (2013) Issue 4 Pages 214-219
Effect of Planting Season on Survival and Growth of Containerized Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) Cuttings during First Growing Season Read more
Editor’s picks

Award paper 2015

Volume 97 (2015) Issue 1 Pages 44-50
The Distribution of Radiocesium in a Moso Bamboo(Phyllostachys pubescens)Forest in Fukushima Prefecture Read more
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Award paper 2016 

Volume 97 (2015) Issue 6 Pages 290-295
Application of Terrestrial LiDAR for Forest Tree Breeding: Read more
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Award paper 2017

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