Japanese Journal of Human Geography
The Human Geographical Society of Japan (HGSJ) was founded in 1948. It is one of the most important and influential geographical societies in Japan. The HGSJ is an organization of geographers from various universities and research institutions, graduate and undergraduate students, teachers from elementary and secondary schools, and other devotees of geography who share a fascination with the subject and recognize its importance. It is committed to the dissemination of human geographic research and its promotion as a key discipline in education, research, and in the public and private sectors in Japan. For seventy years, the HGSJ has contributed to the advancement of human geography in Japan.

Jimbun Chiri or Japanese Journal of Human Geography (JJHG) is the official journal of the HGSJ (ISSN: 0018-7216). The journal has long been respected for its rigorous peer review system and the resultant high quality of published papers. A notable feature of the JJHG is that geographers from foreign countries (particularly East Asian countries) also have contributed their papers to the journal, which has been widely circulated in East Asian countries including Japan. Therefore, the JJHG is becoming an internationally important journal. In addition, we are proud to announce that the JJHG is indexed in Elsevier’s Scopus. 

The aim of the JJHG is to achieve the key objectives of the HGSJ by publishing cutting-edge research papers and systematic reviews in the field of human geography. Papers that challenge the status quo, address important scientific and technical issues, and promote social justice are also welcomed. The journal publishes peer-reviewed papers across the whole spectrum of human geography.

The JJHG has been published quarterly (end of March, June, October, and December) since 2016, although it had been published bimonthly until 2015. The journal’s paper categories consist of articles, research notes, reviews, and focuses. The “annual review” section, appearing in every third issue, contains very detailed reviews of human geographical studies published mostly by Japanese geographers in the preceding year. This section has been highly appraised as featuring critically important bibliographic essays unique to the JJHG.

Every member of the HGSJ has the right to submit a paper in either Japanese or English. The editorial board often invites non-member geographers to submit their papers for special issues. Although the JJHG is basically a Japanese journal, the submission of English papers is also welcomed.

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