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We introduce the featuring topics of new technologies related to information science, information technology, and information management as review articles. We also publish serializations or lectures related to searcher's practical affairs (e.g. how to search necessary information, comparing databases) and translated papers, book reviews, forum reports for providing free remarks of each member. It is also a place to present original papers on the theory and applications of information science technology and its peripheral fields. We make the articles open access after 6 months of embargo
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Featured article
Volume 70 (2020) Issue 6 Pages 309-314
Merits and demerits of the web Read more
Volume 67 (2017) Issue 9 Pages 472-478
Literature Searching and the Bibliographic Database for Systematic Reviews Read more
Volume 68 (2018) Issue 11 Pages 536-541
How to make information search process easier Read more
Volume 65 (2015) Issue 2 Pages 60-64
Information professionals in the field of health sciences(<Special feature>Future of information professionals) Read more
Volume 66 (2016) Issue 9 Pages 467-472
Libraries in the Hospital; Medical Library and Patient Library and the Future Read more
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