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We introduce the featuring topics of new technologies related to information science, information technology, and information management as review articles. We also publish serializations or lectures related to searcher's practical affairs (e.g. how to search necessary information, comparing databases) and translated papers, book reviews, forum reports for providing free remarks of each member. It is also a place to present original papers on the theory and applications of information science technology and its peripheral fields. We make the articles open access after 6 months of embargo
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Volume 66 (2016) Issue 1 Pages 2-7
Trends in the academic information of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and acquisition of the MENA region's local materials in Japan Read more
Volume 64 (2014) Issue 4 Pages 133-139
The plans for meta-data of comic books and database possession construction project(<Special feature>MANGA) Read more
Volume 68 (2018) Issue 4 Pages 176-179
The story behind the “Dreamy Fusion Project” Read more
Volume 58 (2008) Issue 10 Pages 486-491
Recent trends of library finance and fundraising(<Special feature>Library economics and financial analysis for fundraising) Read more
Volume 71 (2021) Issue 4 Pages 165-170
Some International Standards for Digital Archival System for Cultural Resources Read more
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