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Volume 136, Issue 7
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  • Hideaki SASAKI, Toru H. OKABE
    Article type: Review
    2020 Volume 136 Issue 7 Pages 77-87
    Published: July 31, 2020
    Released on J-STAGE: July 31, 2020

    Over the past years, the significance of recycling Cu and its accompanying metals has been increasing. However, the frequency of anode passivation increases during the electrorefining of copper when the copper anode contains a high concentration of impurities. When the amount of secondary materials (scraps) used is increased, the process of electrorefining is frequently troubled because e-waste contains elements that induce anode passivation. Therefore, the development of passivation-prevention technology for low-grade copper anode is essential. This article reviews previous research on the behavior of impurities in the Cu anode and their effects on passivation. The guiding principles for developing passivation-prevention technology are also outlined.

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