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Volume 32, Issue 1
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  • Mitsuhiro Wada
    2011 Volume 32 Issue 1 Pages 1-7
    Published: March 20, 2011
    Released on J-STAGE: November 02, 2015
    HPLC methods for determination of medicaments and related compounds were developed to promote the rational use of these compounds. According to the aim of analysis, suitable hyphenated detections such as UV, fluorescence and chemiluminescence with HPLC were used. Labeling, a powerful tool to provide desirable chromatographic properties to the analytes was also utilized for sensitive determination of medicaments and related compounds in biological samples such as urine, plasma, hair and microdialysate. Furthermore, the methods could be successfully applied to evaluate drug−drug interaction or quality control of healthy foods.These developed HPLC methods could be contribute to the practical application studies on the rational use of medicaments.
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