Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute
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About the journal

“Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute” publishes articles on petroleum exploration, petroleum refining, petrochemi cals and relevant subjects (such as natural gas, coal and so on).   Topics may range from fundamentals to applications. The latter may deal with a variety of subjects, such as: case studies in the development of oil fields, design and operational data of industrial processes, performances of commercial products and others.

Published by The Japan Petroleum Institute   

Our Editorial team
  • Shigeo SATOKAWA

    Seikei University

  • Yukihiro SUGIURA

    Associate Editor
    JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp.

  • Yuichi ICHIHASHI

    Editorial Board
    Kobe University

  • Masaru IHARA

    Editorial Board
    Japan Oil, Gas and Materials National Corp.

  • Yasunori OUMI

    Editorial Board
    Gifu University

  • Gosuke OYAMA

    Editorial Board
    Asahi Kasei Corp.

  • Hiromasa KANEKO

    Editorial Board
    Meiji University

  • Mitsuru KOIKE

    Editorial Board
    Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K.

  • Takashi GODA

    Editorial Board
    The University of Tokyo

  • Satoshi KODAMA

    Editorial Board
    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Toshio SHIMIZU

    Editorial Board
    Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.

  • Masazumi Tamura

    Editorial Board
    Tohoku University

  • Kenta FUKUDOME

    Editorial Board
    Chiyoda Corp.

  • Kazuki FUKUMOTO

    Editorial Board
    Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

  • Akimitsu MIYAJI

    Editorial Board
    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Junya YAMADA

    Editorial Board
    INPEX Corp.

  • Yanyong LIU

    Editorial Board
    National Industrial Science and Technology

  • Yoshiyuki WATANABE

    Editorial Board
    JGC Corp.

Subject Area
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, Life Sciences and Basic Medicine
  • Engineering in General
  • Nanosciences and Materials Sciences
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Sciences
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