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Published by The Society of Physical Therapy Science   

Our Editorial team
  • Kuniyasu Takahashi

    MD, PhD, Visiting Professor, University of Human Arts and Sciences

  • Michio Takahashi

    Honorary Editor
    PhD, DVM, Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo

  • Hirokazu Tsubone

    Honorary Editor
    PhD, Honorary Professsor, The University of Tokyo

  • Yasunori Hunayama

    Honorary Editor
    College of Law, Niohn University

  • Shigeko Fujisawa

    Honorary Editor

  • Masashi Ando

    Editor (Japan)
    PhD, Professor, Hosei University

  • Hiroaki Fujita

    Editor (Japan)
    PhD, Professor, Saitama Medical Unviersity

  • Masato Hasegawa

    Editor (Japan)
    DPT, The University of Tokyo

  • Yukinobu Hiiragi

    Editor (Japan)
    PhD, Professor, Ryotokuji University

  • Takashi Kera

    Editor (Japan)
    PhD, Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology

  • Kazuo Kurosawa

    Editor (Japan)
    PhD, Professor, International University of Health and Welfare

  • Yuriko Nabeta

    Editor (Japan)

  • ChunYing Hu

    Editor (China)
    China Rehabilitation Research Center

  • Chang Hua

    Editor (China)
    China Rehabilitation Research Center

  • QiuChen Huang

    Editor (China)
    PhD, Director, China Rehabilitation Research Center

  • Zhang Qi

    Editor (China)
    MPT, Director, China Rehabilitation Research Center

  • ChangSik Ahn

    Editor (Korea)
    Eulji University

  • DongWook Han

    Editor (Korea)
    PhD, Professor, Silla University

  • MyungChul Kim

    Editor (Korea)
    PhD, Eulji University

  • ByoungKwon Lee

    Editor (Korea)
    PhD, Professor, Konyang University

  • HaeJung Lee

    Editor (Korea)
    Silla University

  • HyunJu Lee

    Editor (Korea)
    Konyang University

  • JaeSeop Oh

    Editor (Korea)
    Inje University

  • WonGyu Yoo

    Editor (Korea)
    Inje University

  • Wen-Jen Chien

    Editor (Taiwan)
    PT, Cathay General Hospital

  • Jau-Yih Tsauo

    Editor (Taiwan)
    PhD, Professor & Director, National Taiwan University

  • Mei-Wun Tsai

    Editor (Taiwan)
    PhD, Associate Professor, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

  • Richard W Bohannon

    Editor (USA)
    DPT, Professor, Cambell University

  • Anatoly F. Belyaev

    Editor (Russia)
    MD, PhD, Professor, Pacific State Medical University

Subject areas
  • Biology, Life Sciences and Basic Medicine
  • General Medicine, Social Medicine, and Nursing Sciences
  • Clinical Medicine
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  • June 27, 2013
        Publisher Info Printing PDF files for JPTS Vol. 22 No. 3-Vol. 24 No. 9 is not available. If you wish to print these PDF files, please access the following publisher’s website and download.
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