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Journal of the Japan Society for Abrasive Technology Vol. 60(2016) No. 9

Precision polishing of dental Ti-Ag alloys
1st Report: Development of polyurea resin-bonded mounted wheel

Hideaki SATO, Hiroaki KASAHARA, Yusuke KAWASHIMA, Yoshijiro OYAIZU, Yutaka KAMEYAMA, Ryokichi SHIMPO, Yukyo TAKADA, Masatoshi TAKAHASHI

Released: November 25, 2016


Study on magnetic field assisted machining using electrolyzed reducing water-based slurry
Removal capability and surface property for non-ferromagnetic materials

Hideki KAWAKUBO, Unkai SATO, Shuichi MURATA

Released: November 25, 2016


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