Journal of Smooth Muscle Research
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Online ISSN : 1884-8796
Print ISSN : 0916-8737
ジャーナル 査読 フリー
54 巻 (2018) p. 28-42
Functional comparison of anoctamin 1 antagonists on human uterine smooth muscle contractility and excitability もっと読む
54 巻 (2018) p. 13-27
Pharmacological identification of β-adrenoceptor subtypes mediating isoprenaline-induced relaxation of guinea pig colonic longitudinal smooth muscle もっと読む
54 巻 (2018) p. 1-12
β-Adrenoceptor subtypes and cAMP role in adrenaline- and noradrenaline-induced relaxation in the rat thoracic aorta もっと読む
51 巻 (2015) p. 10-21
Force-inhibiting effect of Ser/Thr protein phosphatase 2A inhibitors on bovine ciliary muscle もっと読む
51 巻 (2015) p. 1-9
Existence of c-Kit negative cells with ultrastructural features of interstitial cells of Cajal in the subserosal layer of the W/Wv mutant mouse colon もっと読む
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