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Published by Japan Society of Smooth Muscle Research   

Our Editorial team
  • Katsuya HIRANO

    Kagawa University, Japan

  • Akira TAKAI

    deputy editor-in-chief
    Asahikawa Medical University, Japan

  • Chris J. GARLAND

    Oxford University, UK

  • Satoshi IINO

    Fukui University, Japan

  • Masahiko INAMORI

    Yokohama City University, Japan

  • Hiroko KISHI

    Yamaguchi University, Japan

  • Lin Hai KURAHARA

    Kagawa University, Japan

  • Richard J. LANG

    Monash University, Australia

  • Noriaki MANABE

    Kawasaki Medical School, Japan

  • Shinsuke NAKAYAMA

    Nagoya University, Japan

  • Mark T. NELSON

    University of Vermont, USA

  • Kenton M. SANDERS

    University of Nevada, USA

  • Sushil K. SARNA

    University of Texas Medical Branch, USA

  • Reza SHAKER

    Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

  • Insuk SO

    Seoul National University, Korea

  • Yoshio TANAKA

    Toho University, Japan

  • Yoshihisa URITA

    Toho University, Japan

  • Michael P. WALSH

    University of Calgary, Canada

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  • Interdisciplinary Sciences
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