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Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences (MRMS or Magn Reson Med Sci) is an international journal pursuing the publication of original articles contributing to the progress of magnetic resonance in the field of biomedical sciences including technical developments and clinical applications. MRMS is an official journal of the Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (JSMRM). 
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Volume 16 (2017) Issue 1 Pages 61-65
Gd-based Contrast Enhancement of the Perivascular Spaces in the Basal Ganglia Read more
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Editor’s picks (EIC comments) This article reports that the Gd-containing contrast media distribution in the CSF space including peri-vascular spaces. The findings are very important for recent topic not only about accumulation of Gd-containing contrast media but also about the glymphatic system in the brain. This article is selected as the Top-1%-cited one in the Web of Sciences by Clarivate analytics. It is a so hot and exciting article.

Volume 3 (2004) Issue 1 Pages 11-17
The Optimal Trackability Threshold of Fractional Anisotropy for Diffusion Tensor Tractography of the Corticospinal Tract Read more
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(Author's comments) Neural fiber tractography is one of the useful clinical applications of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). We sought an optimal threshold of fractional anisotropy (FA), a standard metric derived from DTI, when depicting tractograms of the corticospinal tracts in the brain. We carried out a tract-specific analysis of normal and diseased corticospinal tracts by ischemic stroke. Our results suggested that optimal FA threshold values may be around 0.20. We had an opportunity to carry out this study at the beginning of clinical use of DTI and are now privileged to introduce our paper as one of the most cited papers.

Volume 4 (2005) Issue 1 Pages 35-42
ADC Mapping of Benign and Malignant Breast Tumors Read more
Editor’s picks

(Author’s comments) In early 2000s, several reports showing the utility of diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) for detecting breast cancer had emerged. DWI had been focused because it can visualize the breast cancer with high contrast without contrast material. In our article, we try to evaluate how accurate the DWI can demonstrate distribution of breast cancer. DWI of the breast is more challenging than that of other organs due to the convex shape, the air surrounding the breast, and rich fat tissue. These issues has been improving due to progression of hardware including multichannel coil and higher gradient and parallel imaging. However, there are still some limitations exist. Currently, there are two directions of breast DWI in which screening and evaluation of biological characteristics. To accomplish both, better spatial resolution, higher signal to noise ratio, stable imaging quality, and repeatability has to be obtained.

Volume 16 (2017) Issue 1 Pages 3-15
High-Resolution 3T MR Imaging of the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Read more
Volume 16 (2017) Issue 1 Pages 16-22
Volume of Interest Analysis of Spatially Normalized PRESTO Imaging to Differentiate between Parkinson Disease and Atypical Parkinsonian Syndrome Read more
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