Juntendo Medical Journal
Juntendo Medical Journal (JMJ) is the official open access journal of the Juntendo Medical Society. JMJ aims to introduce achievements in the fields of Basic and Clinical medicine, Sportology (Sports Medicine), Nursing, Preventive Medicine and Public Health.  

JMJ has the richest histories among Japanese medical journals, with our first issues published in the 8th year of the Meiji Era (1875) under the Japanese name Juntendo Iji Zasshi. This name continues to appear on each issue’s cover in smaller kanji characters under our English designation “Juntendo Medical Journal,” which dates back to 1955. To increase dissemination to the international medical community, in 2014 English became the required language for all articles published in JMJ.  

To further drive the internationalization of JMJ and raise the quality of the articles we publish, the Juntendo Medical Journal accepts manuscripts over a wide area of medical topics from members of the Juntendo Medical Society as well as other researchers in Japan and around the world involved in medical science.   
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