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  • Volume 144 (2024) Issue 6 Pages 675-683
    A Pilot Test of Olive Weevil Repellents in an Olive Orchard Read more
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    Olive weevil, utilizing olive trees as a host plant, is the greatest obstacle to olive cultivation in Japan. This paper reports on the demonstration that a plant-derived aromatic chemical that has been shown to be repellent to the olive weevil in the laboratory also has repellent activity in an olive orchard. The use of this environment-friendly chemical as a repellent against olive weevil will reduce the amounts of toxic insecticides and enable olive cultivation based on integrated pest management.

  • Volume 144 (2024) Issue 5 Pages 553-565
    Syntheses and Structure–Activity Relationship Studies of Antitumor Bicyclic Hexapeptide RA-VII Analogues Read more
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    This review outlines structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies focusing on the plant-derived antitumor bicyclic hexapeptide RA-VII. The SAR data, encompassing conformational properties, were obtained from designed and synthesized analogues that underwent modifications either at the amino acid side-chain or the peptide backbone, along with newly isolated RA-VII congeners from Rubiae Radix. These insights are anticipated to be invaluable for synthesizing analogues of other bioactive natural cyclic peptides incorporating unnatural amino acids.

  • Volume 144 (2024) Issue 4 Pages 339-344
    Mechanistic Analysis of Oxidative Stress-related Diseases Using Nitroxyl Radicals and Electron Spin Resonance Read more
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    Nitroxyl radicals are used as probes for ROS measurement by ESR. Therefore, it is important to select appropriate probes and modifications for the evaluation of the relationship between oxidative stress and various diseases. This review introduces a study on the pharmacokinetics of probes, in vivo redox evaluation of sepsis model mice using acyl-protected probes, and an examination of the photosensitivity mechanism.

  • Volume 144 (2024) Issue 3 Pages 311-328
    Forty-three Years of Dedicated Efforts in Advancing Pharmacist Expertise: Aspiring to Become a Pharmacist and Cultivate Pharmacists Proficient in Recommending Prescription Medicines to Doctors Read more
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    When the author graduated from university, her aim was to become a pharmacist capable of recommending prescription medicines to doctors and teaching others to do the same. To achieve this goal, she developed comprehensive curricula incorporating progressive educational tools such as PBL and SGD. the effectiveness of these tools and curricula was evaluated. Many evidence on the most effective ways to recommend prescription medicines to doctors was gradually established. This review describes the author's research over 43 years.

  • Volume 144 (2024) Issue 2 Pages 183-195
    Dynamic Chemistry of Tannins Read more
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    This comprehensive review discusses the dynamic structural changes of tannins in living plants or food processing based on the author's 40 years of research. The discovery of common reaction mechanisms in ellagitannin biosynthesis and black tea polyphenol formation, in addition to the structural determination of new metabolites, holds significance in the fields of phytochemistry and food chemistry. The research findings outlined in this review provide valuable insights into understanding the significance of tannins.  

  • Volume 144 (2024) Issue 1 Pages 87-97
    Application of Hydrogenated Soya Lecithin in Solid Dispersion and Oily Gel, and the Study of Skin-Applied Formulations Read more
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    This review article contains application of hydrogenated lecithin as additives. When preparing solid dispersions using phosphatidylcoline (PC) as a carrier, drug with hydrogen-donating groups interacts with PC to produce amorphous solid dispersions with high drug content; this overcomes improves drug absorption. The drug was solubilized and supersaturated in the oil-based gel formed with hydrogenated lecithin; this facilitates drug permeation through the skin. The effects of various oils on skin permeation of drugs are also addressed.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 12 Pages 1013-1025
    Modulation of Expression of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Augmentation of Anti-cancer Drug Effects: Through Epigenetics and Three-dimensional Cancer Cell Culture Systems Read more
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    This review article describes inhibitors of enzymes involved in the epigenetic processes, e.g., DNA methyltransferases and histone deacetylases, increase expression of drug metabolizing cytochrome P-450s (CYPs) 1B1 and 3A4.It also describes alteration of gene regulation of CYP1 family enzymes through aryl hydrocarbon receptors in three dimensional cultures of human solid cancer cells. As changes in gene expression by epigenetic inhibitors accompany increased cancer drug sensitivities, relationship between cellular drug sensitivities and cell environments seems worth to be investigated.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 11 Pages 931-940
    Current Status and Issues on the Foods with Function Claims System in Japan: Evidence of Functionality of the Foods Read more
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    This narrative review comprehensively clarified the current status and issues of scientific evidence for functionality in the Foods with Function Claims system based on previous research. Systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in notification often have low-quality notifications. Therefore, the author reports that it is necessary to correctly communicate this information to consumers in order to make appropriate purchasing decisions.

  • Editor's pick

    With the change in the qualifications for the national pharmacist examination, the education in the pharmaceutical department is currently undergoing a major turning point. These articles are presented a summary of nine of the speakers at a symposium entitled ” Where is the education in pharmaceutical sciences headed for the development of new human resources in the 21st century?” All of the papers will be helpful for the direction of pharmacy education in the future.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 9 Pages 729-744
    Cultured Cells in the Aging Research, Exhibiting Cell Surface Component Functions, Intracellular Signaling, a Novel Adaptor Molecule, Aging Phenotype Expression and Various Aspects of the Cellular Physiology Read more
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    This review describes aging studies employing in vitro animal cell cultures, on which the author has been working for more than 40 years after pharmacist education and then cell biology researches. The author started observation and comparison as the cell undergoes aging, proceeded to analysis of cell surface components, and discovered novel adaptor proteins and intracellular signaling for the control of senescence. The presentation here would be appropriate introduction to the cellular aging for researchers with pharmaceutical or biological interest.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 8 Pages 663-672
    Fibrinolysis Enhancing Activity of Roasted Barley Extract (Mugicha) and Its Simulated Digestate Read more
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    Barley tea (Mugicha) is recognized as a reliable alternative to drinking water even for infants and elderly individuals to quench thirst and maintain hydration throughout the year. This author investigated the application of barley tea as a functional food, and found novel anti-thrombotic effects using fibrin plate method. In this study, Mugicha extract and its simulated digestate exhibited the fibrinolysis enhancing activity in vitro. The results of this study suggest the potential use of barley extract as a functional food.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 7 Pages 617-620
    Gefitinib-induced Myositis: A Novel Case Report Read more
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    This is the first report of myositis caused by gefitinib. Myositis has been reported with only osimertinib among epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors. In this report, the detailed course of gefitinib-induced myositis, including changes in creatine kinase levels was described. In addition, this case was compared with the case of osimertinib previously reported regarding the timing and severity of onset. This report is helpful for gefitinib treatment.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 6 Pages 511-531
    From Plant-derived Hypotensive Principle(s) to Mysteries of the Relationship between Poisons of the Tempyo Era and the “Taketori-Monogatari” Story Read more
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    The author, a natural product chemist and prolific author, has conducted significant phytochemical research and the discovery of new antibiotics. His classification of naturally occurring alkaloids into 16 categories according to their biosynthetic pathways is a highly significant achievement. He has written many books related to poisons and medicines, and disclosed the fundamental relationship between "Taketori-Monogatari" and "Shosoin-Drugs (poisons)" through extensive literature research. Cumulatively, these are extremely profound research and scholarly contributions to science and society.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 5 Pages 449-457
    Promoting Appropriate Use of Medications by “Lectures and Practices Regarding Medicine” for the Regional Community Residents Read more
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    There are many lectures for the regional community residents as with the aim of promoting appreciate use of medications. The authors’ activity is characterized as consisting of combined lectures and practices by pharmacists. This activity indicated that it improved the basic medicine-related knowledge of the regional community residents among a wide range of age groups. The authors’ activity leads to the development of regional community activity, by the coming together of the regional community residents of various age.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 4 Pages 323-336
    Discovery of Bonding-active Chemical Species Containing Nitrogen Atoms Read more
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    Chemical bonds are drawn as lines connecting atoms to atoms. Even chemical bonds represented by uniform lines have various properties depending on the arrangement of the surrounding atoms. When the lines are formed by nitrogen atoms, several characteristic chemical bonds were observed. The nature of these characteristic chemical bonds depends on the overall structure of the molecule. This review also explains how new chemical bonds have led to the creation of new functions, such as biological activity.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 3 Pages 281-295
    An Attempt to Build the Practice Model of Pharmacist in Home Care Medicine for Children Read more
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    This study developed a practice model of pharmacists in pediatric homecare medicine by the data analyzed using the M-GTA. This analysis generated 8 categories and 21 concepts, including the two concepts of “optimization of prescription and device selection to enable the hospital-to-home transition” and “optimization of prescription and device selection for ensuring patient safety” form the core of clinical decision making in the pharmacotherapy management process. These results could be helpful in the education of pharmacists in pediatric homecare medicine.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 2 Pages 139-152
    Shortages of Prescription Drugs Due to Compliance and Quality Issues in Japan Read more
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    Multiple good manufacturing practice (GMP) incompliance and inappropriate quality cases of generic pharmaceuticals surfaced from 2020 led to a serious and long-term shortage of the products at medical institutions in Japan. This review overviewed the causes of drug shortages and introduced measures taken by marketing/manufacturing authorization holders (MAH), industry groups, and governments to improve manufacturing management. Inadequate formulation and process design at the time of development as a possible root cause was also discussed.

  • Volume 143 (2023) Issue 1 Pages 65-75
    Pathophysiology of Sandhoff Disease and Novel Thrapeutic Targets Read more
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    Sandhoff disease (SD) is a glycosphingolipid storage disease resulting from a genetic mutation in HEXB and associated deficiency in β-hexosaminidase activity. To examine abnormal neuronal lineage differentiation and development during the asymptomatic phase of SD, authors used iPS cells derived from Hexb-knockout mice (SD-iPSCs). Differentiation ability along the time axis appears to be altered in SD-iPSCs, in which neural stem cells acquire late developmental properties at an early stage. Their findings provide new insights into the complex pathogenesis of SD.

  • Volume 142 (2022) Issue 12 Pages 1371-1377
    Benefits of Green Tea: Clinical Evidence for Respiratory Tract Infections Read more
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    Green tea components, such as catechins are reported to have anti- viral/bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects in experimental studies. This review demonstrated the clinical significance of green tea focusing on the respiratory tract infections based on their clinical studies. Consuming or gargling green tea or its components significantly aided in the prevention of influenza. Catechin inhalation also decreased the bacterial load of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Although the clinical evidence remains limited, further studies are expected to clarify the clinical efficacy.

  • Volume 142 (2022) Issue 11 Pages 1255-1265
    Microtaggant Technology for Ensuring Traceability of Pharmaceutical Formulations: Potential for Anti-counterfeiting Measures, Distribution and Medication Management Read more
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    The need for ensuring the traceability of pharmaceutical products from shipment to patient distribution is growing with the spread of falsified medicine and poor medication adherence. The microtaggant technologies that can encode individual numbers on pharmaceutical products has gained much attention to solve these problems. The author well organized the advantages and disadvantages of each encoding method of the microtaggants. This review is useful to understand the emerging traceability system.