User manuals
How to submit an article to a J-STAGE journal

The journals on J-STAGE are independently managed by their publishers, such as academic societies and other organizations. For information on submitting manuscripts, check the journal’s homepage on J-STAGE. Many journals have links to “Information for authors” and “Submit your paper”.

For general information about a journal, click the “About the journal” tab on the journal’s homepage on J-STAGE. Contact information for the journal is provided at the bottom of this page (in "Other relevant information").

Please note that J-STAGE cannot answer enquiries about individual journals.

Papers on J-STAGE are accessible from all over the world

Researchers around the world can easily find and read articles published on J-STAGE. Articles can be searched and accessed through search engines (e.g. Google Scholar) and academic information services (e.g. CiNii) linked to J-STAGE. As of 2021, an average of 33 million J-STAGE articles are downloaded per month from around the world.