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Advantages of publishing on J-STAGE

J-STAGE users worldwide download more than 5 million articles per month. Once your article is published in any one of the journals on J-STAGE, your research achievements become widely known worldwide through the alliances that J-STAGE has formed with leading search engines and academic information services. Scientists, researchers and readers across the globe can easily find your article on J-STAGE.

How to submit an article on the journals in J-STAGE

Journals on J-STAGE are managed by individual publishing societies, which have their own submission processes and guidelines. When you select a journal to publish your article on J-STAGE, please read carefully the process and the guidelines in “How to submit” and “Guide for authors” links for each respective journal prior to submission. If you cannot find the above or similar information by browsing the journal guidelines, please contact or publishing society to obtain the required information. Some journals feature J-STAGE Online Submission and Review System supported by Editorial Manager/Scholar One Manuscripts.