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Knowledge Network of Toyota
Creation, Diffusion, and Standardization of Knowledge
Youngkyo SUH
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Volume 16 (2017) Issue 2 Pages 91-102

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Knowledge is a source of firm’s competitiveness and is created, diffused, and standardized within a company’s knowledge network. The knowledge network of Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan comprises multiple automotive plants, the Operation Management Consulting Division (OMCD), and the Global Production Center (GPC) as nodes on that network. Knowledge is created on a manufacturing plant floor and diffused between multiple automotive plants through a direct interacting network without standardization. The OMCD diffuses both standardized and unstandardized knowledge. The GPC’s important function is knowledge standardization. In conclusion, Toyota’s domestic knowledge network maintains a balance between the diversification and standardization of knowledge created on the production floor through a mix of nodes at various standardization levels.

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