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On the “yarisugoshi” phenomenon found in the situation where “decision making by flight” of the garbage can model occurs
Nobuo Takahashi
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2023 Volume 22 Issue 5 Pages 59-74


I came up with the term “yarisugoshi” in Japanese to detect through a questionnaire survey the situation where “decision-making by flight” of the garbage can model occurs. Businesspeople initially denied its existence; however, it was confirmed in a questionnaire survey, and the first paper on the topic was published in 1992. For the next 30 years, “yarisugoshi” is an interesting phenomenon, even if it has nothing to do with the garbage can model or computer simulation, and it is now included in the Kojien, the leading Japanese dictionary. It occurs in every organization and occupation, and about half of all people experience it. In particular, it functions as a way to prevent organizational breakdowns in situations involving overloads or incompetent supervisors, and it has a training and selection function. It has been found that this phenomenon tends to occur when burdens increase, and it helps to prevent organizational mental health breakdowns.

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