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Reconsidering Novel Technology Introduction Strategies
Impacts of Technology, Design, and Market Attributes on 118 Japanese Product Development Projects
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2006 Volume 5 Pages 67-98


This study reconsiders product development strategies for the introduction of advanced technologies into new products. The exploitation and exploration of novel technologies in product development are critical issues for manufacturing firms. Yet, thus far, the concept and determinants of novel technology introduction strategies have often been blurred. Drawing on 118 successful Japanese assembly product development projects, this study attempts to elaborate the concept of novel technology introduction strategies and explores the effects of other determinants on the strategies. The study finds two alternative novel technology introduction strategies: technology integration and separated technology development. The results demonstrate that successful projects exploit either of these strategies according to knowledge regarding product designs and/or customer/market needs as well as technological uncertainty. The findings of this study should help firms contrive to develop novel technology introduction strategies at the project level, as well as multiproject strategies at the business level.

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