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Small development projects for developing overall understanding of product components
Takeaki Wada
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Video games require the integration of elements such as world building, scenario, graphics, and music (Ikuine, 2000). In a video game product development project, the personnel who design and coordinate each element need to have an overall understanding of the product components. In the Japanese video game industry of 20 or more years, new employees were able to participate in the design and coordination of each element of the product as soon as they joined the company and acquired an overall understanding of product components. However, due to the recent increase in the size of development projects, the tasks assigned to new employees have become more segmentalized and modular, resulting in it becoming difficult for them to acquire an overall understanding of product components. Cyber Connect2, a Japanese video game development company, is trying to solve this problem by launching small experimental video game development projects and assigning young employees to work on them.

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