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UDL using ICT for Inclusive Learning;
Learning Support for Students with Diverse Learning Styles, Including Students who Need Special Support
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2020 年 18 巻 p. 112-122


The use of ICT is said to be an effective learning support tool for children with disabilities. In addition, though the learning styles of individual are different and vary among individuals, these differences are considered important because of their influence on the academic achievement of individuals (Baderaddin, 2015). Lessons using ICT are said to be effective for any learning method. However, in Japan, it has been found that there are issues with improving reading comprehension and ICT utilization, including that “In the field of school education, the number of local governments and schools that are introducing tablet PCs is gradually increasing, but compared to other countries, the current situation in Japan is that the utilization of ICT is progressing slowly.” (Ogawa, 2017) This study implemented the teaching method of UDL using ICT in the classroom and verified whether it was effective as an inclusive learning teaching method. According to student’s evaluation of the lessons by questionnaire, results showed that UDL classes are effective for them. Particularly on questionnaire items ②Overall satisfaction, ③I want to recommend it to other students, ④ I understood contents of the lesson well, ⑥ English knowledge improved compared to before (until last year), ⑦Class difficulty is appropriate, ⑧Class pace is appropriate, ⑨ the voice is clear and easy to hear, ⑩ the letters on the sheet are easy to read, and ⑫ Materials ( textbook, workbook, PC only ) are appropriate, 100% of responses were positive.  As a result, it was found that UDL-style lessons utilizing ICT are effective for students with special needs and various ways of learning.

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