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Issues in Spousal Bereavement Support for Elderly Men in Japan
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2020 年 18 巻 p. 33-47


This study aimed to review the literature related to elderly men after spousal bereavement in Japan, to clarify the characteristics of grief and trends in life, and to gain insights into the support system and future research issues. Of 13 studies found, two were qualitative and 11 quantitative. Eight studies were conducted on general elderly adults, with a few results focusing on the grief work itself of elderly men at home. Elderly men after spousal bereavement tended to be unable to continue “interacting with neighbors and relatives” as they did before the death of their wives. Together with the “human relations of friends and others made before the death of their wives,” the way of involvement in maintaining these was through a support perspective. In addition, the elderly men desired more support for their “current situation” than “bereavement-related situations,” and their view of support was characterized by the “examination of timing” and “selection of contents” of specific support for solving real-life problems. Elderly men who had provided nursing care before bereavement had a high feeling of emptiness owing to the loss of their career role. As such, the main issues were pre-bereavement support and continuous support after bereavement. No research had focused on the stressors of spousal death, dementia, strength of family and community, and evaluation of support; as such, these areas merit future research.

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