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The Impacts of Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo on the Autistic Spectrum Disability Awareness Using Big Data Analysis
Sehyun NAMSeryoung KIM
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2023 年 25 巻 p. 101-118


The aim of this study is to impartially validate the impact of popular drama on shaping awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disability(ASD). This study used a combination of big data and content analysis to assess the patterns and significance of ASD-related news before and after the broadcast of the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Big data analysis confirmed that after the broadcast of this drama, articles related to ‘autis(‘japye’ in Korean pronunciation) surged dramatically, ranging from a weekly average of at least 4.2 times to a peak of 11.4 times compared to the period before the drama aired. Also, keywords that were highly relevant in articles related to ‘autis’ in the year before the drama aired included terms indicating pathological conditions, which had the highest weight values in the analysis. After the drama aired, keywords highly associated with ‘autis’ included a significant number of terms related to the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo or societal interest in ASD. The findings support the notion that the airing of the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has led to increased public attention to ASD. A comparison of news content before and after the drama aired revealed that perceptions of ASD shifted from an individual to a social model, influenced by the themes presented in the drama. Having confirmed the influence of drama on societal awareness of disability, it is imperative to portray individuals with disabilities in an inclusive manner, emphasizing the importance of enacting disability guidelines and educating producers due to the significant social responsibility and role of drama.

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