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The Possibility of the Use of Health Related QOL in the Development of Evaluation Scale for the Outcome of Special Needs Education
Based on the Consideration of the Current Conditions of the Education for Students with Health Impairment
Aiko KOHARAHeajin KWONChangwan HAN
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2014 Volume 6 Pages 59-71


This study aimed to explore the possibility of the use of HRQOL to evaluate the outcome of education for the students with health impairments by analyzing the contents of class(educational response) on independent activities based on the Report on the Education for the Children with health impairments in the Special Support Education in Okinawa prefecture in Japan. In results of analyzing the educational response on independent activities based on the report by using HRQOL, the most of the outcome evaluations of educational response have not been carried out with objective indicators; in results of analyzing the correlations between six scopes among those of the class of independent activities and eight scopes of HRQOL(SF-36), it was found that the seven scopes of HRQOL except the scope of bodily pain among the eight scopes were correlated with the scopes of the class of independent activities. Based on these results, the conclusions have been drawn that the objective indicator to evaluate educational outcome from the education for the children with health impairments needs to be developed and the perspectives and components of HRQOL need to be utilized to develop the evaluation scale as an objective indicator.

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