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Carbon Nanofiber-based Luminol-biotin Probe for Sensitive Chemiluminescence Detection of Protein
Stefan BAJTomasz KRAWCZYKNatalia PRADELMd. Golam AZAMTakayuki SHIBATAShpend DRAGUSHAKrzysztof SKUTILMiroslawa PAWLYTAMasaaki KAI
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2014 年 30 巻 11 号 p. 1051-1056


A carbon nanofiber-based luminol-biotin probe was synthesized for the sensitive chemiluminescence (CL) detection of a target protein by grafting luminol and biotin onto an oxidized carbon nanofiber. This carbon nanofiber was prepared by chemical vapor-deposition with methane in the presence of the Ni–Cu–MgO catalyst, which was followed by oxidization with HNO3–H2SO4 to produce a carboxyl group on the surface of the nanofiber. The material was grafted with luminol and biotin by means of a standard carbodiimide activation of COOH groups to produce corresponding amides. The substance was water-soluble and thus could be utilized as a sensitive CL probe for a protein assay. The probe showed highly specific affinity towards the biotin-labeled antibody via a streptavidin–biotin interaction. The detection limit for this model assay was approximately 0.2 pmol of the biotinized IgG spotted on a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane. Nonspecific binding to other proteins was not observed. Therefore, the synthesized carbon nanofiber-based CL probe may be useful for a sensitive and specific analysis of the target protein.

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