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Variations in Cadmium Concentrations in Rice and Oxidation-Reduction Potential at the Soil Surface with Supplementation of Fermented Botanical Waste-based Amendment in Large-scale Farmland
Nobuhiko WADAGao DIHideyuki ITABASHIMasanobu MORIYusuo LINShaopo DENGWeiwei XUWeiwei GUOYuanheng LUODianyu ZHU
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2020 Volume 36 Issue 5 Pages 531-538


We monitored the relationship between the cadmium (Cd) concentration uptake of rice and the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) at the soil surface with the supplementation of fermented botanical waste-based amendment (FBWA), an organic fertilizer prepared from woody and food wastes. This study was carried out for 3 years in the western part of Jiangsu Province, China. It was found that the Cd concentration taken up by rice was correlated to a decreased the ORP of the cultivated soil. The yield of rice was ∼1.20 times higher than that of the control plot. The effects of reducing the Cd content in rice and increasing the rice yield remained for 2 years after FBWA application. Finally, Cd was immobilized in the soil with adsorption to FBWA or the decomposed products. The ORP measurement during rice cultivation might be a key index to predict the suppression effect of Cd uptake into the rice or limitation of the sustainable effect by the FBWA.

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