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A Theoretical Approach to the Fluorophilicity of Ions via the Gibbs Energy of Ion Transfer at the Fluorous Solvent/Water Interface
Toshiyuki OSAKAITakeshi KATOKazuo EDAKohei UEMATSUHajime KATANO
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2021 Volume 37 Issue 12 Pages 1783-1787


The non-Bornian solvation model has been applied to a theoretical consideration of the Gibbs free energy for the transfer of fluorinated anions, non-fluorinated cations, and non-fluorinated anions at the 2H,3H-decafluoropentane (DFP)/water (W) and 1,2-dichloroethane (DCE)/W interfaces. According to our previous experimental results, the fluorinated anions are more stable in DFP than DCE, while the non-fluorinated cations and anions are less stable in DFP. To understand this characteristic feature of DFP, energy decomposition analyses have been performed for the hypothetical transfer of ions at the DFP/DCE interface. In conclusion, the characteristics of DFP as a fluorous solvent should be explained in terms of the higher repulsive interaction of the solvent molecule with ions, particularly with non-fluorinated ions.

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