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Analytical Sciences
Vol. 6 (1990) No. 2 P 227-232



Five kinds of monensin derivatives were synthesized by chemical modifications of the natural carboxylic polyether antibiotic monensin. Their usefulness as active compounds (Na+-ionophores) for Na+-selective poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC)-matrix membrane electrodes was examined. The electrodes based on monensin ester derivatives exhibited high Na+-selectivity. Among them, the electrode based on the highly lipophilic monensin dodecyl ester(log K0 (partition constant)=8.7) had enough Na+-selectivity to determine the Na+-concentration in serum(log KpotNaK=-1.1, log KpotNaMg=-4.0 and log KpotNaCa=-3.6); the electrode gave a Nernstian response (59.0mV/pNa) ranging from 5×10-6 to 1M Na+. The response potential of this electrode to a 0.1M Na+ solution drifted within ±0.01mV/h. The values of the Na+-concentration in artificial and real serum samples were successfully determined with the monensin dodecyl ester-based electrode using diisodecylphthalate as the electrode membrane solvent.

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