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Exploring Language Exchange Courses: A Study on Learning Outcomes at a Japanese University
小山 いずみ Benjamin R. Rentler
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2024 年 9 巻 p. 1-13


The Center for Language Education at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan has introduced innovative models for bilingual course exchanges, culminating in the establishment of the Japanese-English Communication Skills (JECS) course in the Fall of 2020. Alongside other curricular efforts at APU to promote multiculturalism, the JECS course was created in part to foster greater interaction across the gap separating domestic and international students. This study is the first to offer data and analysis on the JECS course. The authors, who were instructors of the course in its third iteration, used a qualitative approach to analyze student reflections. They present nine themes of student experiences that provide insights into unique classroom interactions, such as those between students of different language proficiency levels and cultural backgrounds, occurring in a multilingual space. Based on findings from student reflections, the JECS course created a unique multilingual and multicultural classroom environment that fostered meaningful interaction and collaboration among students of different backgrounds and proficiency levels. It also allowed for the development of critical thinking, language skills, self-directed learning, and intercultural understanding. This study hopes to contribute to the discourse and qualitative data on exchange courses among educators and policymakers working at universities in Japan.

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