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Energy Development
Discussion on main controlling factors of shale oil enrichment and recoverability in Biyang Sag of Nanxiang Basin
Zhiye Xi
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2022 Volume 2 Issue 3 Pages 77-86


Shale oil resources have great potential for exploration and development, and their potential resources far exceed the conventional oil and gas resources found at present, which plays an important role in the development of the oil industry in the future. Biyang Sag in Nanxiang Basin is a typical Meso-Cenozoic oil-rich sag in eastern China, which has certain shale oil development potential. Based on previous studies, this paper summarizes the research results of the main controlling factors and recoverable factors of shale oil enrichment in Biyang Sag in recent years from six aspects. The contents include (1) hydrocarbon generation basis, (2) hydrocarbon expulsion characteristics, (3) storage spaces, (4) reservoir reformability, (5) crude oil’s physical properties, and (6) mobility. This paper is expected to provide a reference for the exploration and development of shale oil in Biyang Sag.

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