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Three new genera of the family Phrurolithidae (Araneae) from East Asia
Takahide Kamura
ジャーナル フリー

2021 年 70 巻 2 号 p. 117-130


Three new genera of the family Phrurolithidae, Pennalithus n. gen., Corealithus n. gen. and Labialithus n. gen., are described, and Pennalithus pennatus (Yaginuma 1967) n. comb., Corealithus coreanus (Paik 1991) n. comb. and Labialithus labialis (Paik 1991) n. comb. are respectively designated as type species. In addition to the above type species, four new combinations are proposed: Pennalithus splendidus (Song & Zheng 1992) n. comb., P. palgongensis (Seo 1988) n. comb., Corealithus subnigerus (Fu, Chen & Zhang 2016) n. comb. and Labialithus lindemanni (Marusik, Omelko & Koponen 2020) n. comb. The above five species of Pennalithus and Corealithus are transferred from Otacilia Thorell 1897, and two species of Labialithus are from Phrurolithus C. L. Koch 1839. A new species, Pennalithus suguroi n. sp., is described, and Phrurolithus pennatoides Seo 2018 is treated as a junior synonym of Pennalithus splendidus.

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