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Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry
Vol. 66 (2002) No. 9 P 1792-1798



Organic Chemistry Regular Papers

  Topsoil samples were collected from 36 different paddy fields in West Japan. Each soil sample was incubated with a basal salt-medium containing 0.2% OPPEO. Twelve samples possessed OPPEO-degrading activity, from which twelve cultures of OPPEO-degrading bacteria were isolated. The isolated bacteria grew on a medium containing 0.2% OPPEO as the sole carbon source, and OP2EO and OP3EO were accumulated in the medium under aerobic conditions. OP1EO and octylphenol, which have often been identified in surface water together with OP2EO, were not observed in this experiment. The bacterial isolates were gram negative and tentatively identified as Pseudomonas putida (10 isolates) and Burkholderia cepacia (one isolate) by BIOLOG and 16S rDNA RFLP analyses.

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